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- remember to unwrap and enjoy it!     

I was born in Finland, next to a forest. I always loved nature and playing in the wild but in my youth felt an urgent need to discover another kind of life. So I moved to Helsinki and few years later to Edinburgh, Scotland, to study a film degree. From there on I migrated to do a Master of Arts degree in documentary film in London, where I still currently live and work - while once again dreaming of living in the forest!

I have dabbled with arts all my life but it is only now, in my late thirties, when I am starting to really fulfil all the passions I have for life, in the way my heart guides me - by embracing it all, without fear. Gandhi once said: 'Fear is the thief of dreams' - I believe this - and I love my dreams!

My motto is: if there is anything you haven't tried but would like to, go and do it - the worst thing that can happen is that you fail and sometimes the best thing that can happen is that you fail. There is much to learn about 'failures' and set-backs and our perception of these concepts. All in all, we are much stronger and more abundant than the limitations our minds let us believe.



BA (Hons) Photography, Film and Imaging    Napier University, Edinburgh

MA Screen Documentary                           Goldsmiths College, London

City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Design and Craft - Ceramics

City and Guilds Certificate in Creative Techniques in Jewellery