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A bit about Heidi

I am a Finnish born, UK based illustrator and designer. I grew up in a small forest in Southern Finland, but moved to UK to study for a university degree in my early twenties, and for various reasons, never left. I have explored many corners of this wonderful island, but currently live and work in the beautiful green valley of Hebden Bridge.

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My Inspiration

I am a dreamer and a curious person by nature. When I first started, I tried to force ideas into art - now I ask an idea: ‘what do you want to become?’ This gives me an infinite amount of freedom to play in my artistic work. Like my friend once said, there is no perfection, just perception.

Mother Nature inspires all my creative work, like my hand sculpted natural cottage, Elämän Puu (Tree of Life), which I built with the help of family and friends, in my childhood forest in Finland. (Read all about it HERE). 

The place and the art within, is a homage to the years I grew up exploring the flora and fauna, mysteries and fairytales in the woods near-by, peeking in the little hidey-holes, looking for, and believing in, faeries. I hope to give you a sprinkling of this magic in all my work.

My Ethos

Nature and sustainability is very important to me. I try to minimise my impact on the planet in the way I work, live and produce my products. Most of my paper products are printed on recycled card, or at least FSC certified stock. My packaging is earth-friendly and compostable. I recycled packaging where suitable. My cards are intended to be beautiful enough to treasure, but when you do want to dispatch of them, please do your bit and recycle them also.

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