Paper Art

Beautiful paper art, for that special touch, when regular visuals won't do.
I have made paper sculptures for corporate projects, as well as handmade wedding gifts and decorations for individuals. Depending on your budget, I either hand-cut or use a large format cutting machine for your project.
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Custom Paper Art for events and marketing

I make custom paper art for companies and corporate projects. I work to your specific briefs to create a unique visual look with this wonderful medium. I can work in both 2d and 3d formats.

I start with sketches and then make a sample, after which the project is then completed either by hand, or assisted with a cutting machine (depending on your budget).

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Paper cutting for products

I use paper cutting technique for many of my products. My best selling festive card, Christmas Night, originates as a layered paper cut light box.
Commercially, I have also made a Christmas poster for Leeds City Council using this technique.

There is a particular magic in cut outs, and telling a story through light and silhouettes alone. I love conveying a story or an experience in this suggestive way.


Paper cut illustrations

I combine illustration with paper cutting, because I love both techniques and feel they work together in a very magical way.

I am currently making a trio of portraits of three influential creative women; using this technique. The women includedare: Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou and Coco Chanel. (Work in Progress)

Frida Kahlo paper cut

I make magic with paper

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