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Freelance Pattern Designer

I am a freelance pattern designer. My pattern designs always start as hand-drawn sketches.
Every design is made with inspiration from my Nordic childhood, nature, travel
and my limitless imagination. I'd love to help you realise your dream project!

I design enchanting patterns for fabric

I work in both vector and raster styles and am proficient with both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
I am happy to work in larger collections, but also have lots of individual prints in my portfolio, ready to license. My surface patterns are for use at various industries, from quilting to bedding to apparel. I can design bespoke patterns for your project, to be printed on fabric either digitally or by traditional methods, including screen printing.
My first quilting collection 'Zodiac Dreams' is out now by QT Fabrics (US)

Request to see my pattern portfolio today!

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Magnolia surface pattern design on bedding
Please see my Spoonflower shop for available POD fabrics.

I create gift wrap pattern designs and beautiful packaging

My pattern designs are used in many paper goods, including cards, gift wrap and stationery. Existing designs in my portfolio can be modified to fit onto packaging. I can alter all of my designs into specific CMYK colour profiles and also make custom patterns within your chosen colour palette.

Please contact me today about your pattern design project and ask about my freelance availability.

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Pattern design for gift wrap

I design hand-drawn wallpaper patterns

Who doesn't love beautiful wallpaper?
It is often the element, which lifts a space beyond the norm and makes one cherish the place one lives or works in. If you need to beautify your home, or would love a feature wall with a custom wall paper for your business, get in touch!

I have a licensing portfolio available, if you are looking for ready-made designs. I am also happy to alter my existing designs and colourways to fit in with your requirements.

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Wallpaper rabbit pattern designs

I adore creating designs for beautiful tableware

My nature inspired and Scandinavian folk art influenced designs look gorgeous printed on ceramics and tableware. I have a great eye for detail and understand the concept of colour, combined with simplicity. I can work to your specific design brief and create visuals for a bespoke project. In fact that is one of things I love the most - new creative briefs, with infinite possibilities!

Contact me to see my design portfolio or commission a bespoke art for your industry!

EMail for info
Plates with surface pattern designs on

I make gorgeous patterns for clothing and apparel

My surface pattern designs print wonderfully on fabric to use for clothing, apparel as well as sewing projects. Companies large or small, I can design a bespoke pattern for your own specific product range and use. For a more cost-effective option, I am happy to either license or sell a design to use from one of my existing pattern portfolio.

Contact me to view my design collections.

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Magnolia surface pattern design on bedding

I make magic with patterns

Hire me as a Freelance Pattern Designer to help make your project special.

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Freelance pattern design FAQ

Can I use your designs for my company/project?

Yes, you can. I have a large portfolio of illustration and pattern designs ready to use. The price of the art work depends on the type of use and industry, as well as whether you are looking to license (pay to borrow) or purchase the design.

Can you provide us with custom pattern designs?

Of course. If you would like a bespoke pattern created for your company, I can provide this for you. The lead time and pricing depends on the style and intricacy of the pattern. Please send me an email and I can provide you with my price card to use as a reference. We can then talk details about what exactly you need.

How much does a freelance pattern designer charge?

Freelance pattern designers work in very different ways, some sell their designs outright, some license their work for a limited time and use. Therefore, also the fees charged vary and it is impossible to give a single figure for what pattern design may cost. Please contact me for my rate card, which has different prices for options like buyout and licensing (these rates only apply to already available work and not custom made patterns).

How long does it take to make a pattern design for a custom project?

This varies depending on the style and technique used for the project. Most of my designs start as hand drawn sketches, which I then work on either digitally on the computer, or paint them by hand. In general, the more digital the pattern, the quicker it can be made, but this varies from project to project. Having said this, I work very efficiently when needed and can adjust to your schedule and deadline.

Useful links and information

You can buy my patterns on Spoonflower and on Society 6

Here is a great blog about What is surface pattern design?


What my customers and clients say

"Beautiful items, quickly and professionally dispatched. I bought some Christmas hedgehog stickers and was so impressed that I put in another order for cards and bookmarks a couple of days later. I would highly recommend Heidi's shop if you're looking for cards, stationery and artwork that's creative, handmade and of high quality."

Lorna McInnes

“Utterly stupendous as always! All of the things that I’ve ordered are fabulous, even better than I was expecting. Unique and beautiful, simply magical!”

Katja Bergman

“ We used Heidi to design us custom illustrations for our website. The subject matter was pretty technical, but she somehow managed to make it interesting and fun, keeping it looking interesting, yet stylish. We highly recommend her to anyone needing graphics or illustrations on their website.”

Rob Hufton / Higher Ground Marketing

Selection of work from my portfolio

To request access to my full portfolio, please click here.

My portfolio

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