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Star sign art prints

Buy my gorgeous art prints based on the signs of the zodiac, with twelve star signs in total in this colourful collection.

Each print is a beautifully retouched version of the zodiac illustrations in my papercut card range. With wonderful intricate designs and uplifting colour palette chosen for each particular star sign, I have taken inspiration from nature, as well as the cosmos, to bring you a totally unique interpretation of these astrological signs.

Gemini Art Print

Gemini Art Print

Gemini zodiac illustration - Beautiful star sign available as an art print!

£ 28.00 GBP
Taurus Art Print

Taurus Art Print

Taurus zodiac illustration - Now available as an art print! This fiery, bold yet grounded star sign is my interpretation of the bull zodiac as my Taurus art print.

£ 28.00 GBP

Personalise your star sign art

Now you can add a personalised name under the star sign art. So if you are purchasing the print as a gift to someone, you can display their name and date of birth underneath. If you do need one customising with this special message, please contact me prior to purchasing, as there is a £5 charge for the personalisation service. The art prints are sold unframed and can be sent directly to the recipient by choosing a gift option at the checkout (please note this doesn’t mean the item will be gift wrapped, just that the order details won’t be included inside the packaging).

The default size for a print is 297mm x 297mm, approximately 12 inch square, but if you need the print in another size, please contact me.

Unique zodiac art print range

The unique zodiac art print range will have twelve star signs consisting of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. While you wait for the whole print range to be completed, you can see the designs as printed and cut onto novelty zodiac birthday cards, here.

Buy my amazing star sign art prints!

Now available in my website shop is the range of star sign prints, with twelve beautiful designs to choose from. You can buy them for yourself, or as a gift to a special someone.

I am spending a lot of time re-working my original hand drawn designs into a high resolution printable art, so the prints in this range will be available gradually, with Taurus, Gemini and Cancer designs currently in stock. The rest will be added into my shop in the first half of 2022. I will also be offering these zodiac designs on t-shirts and mugs in the near future!

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