Pattern Design

For Bolt Fabric

My Pattern Design lends itself best for bolt fabric, for use in various industries, from quilting to bedding to apparel. I can design bespoke patterns for your project, to be printed on fabric either digitally or by traditional methods. I work in both vector and raster styles and am proficient with both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
I work in both collections of up to 8 designs, as well as individual placement prints.

For Paper Goods
& Packaging

My patterns are used successfully in many paper goods, including cards, gift wrap and stationery. Existing designs can also be modified to fit onto packaging. I can alter all of my existing designs into CMYK colour profiles and also make custom patterns within your colour profiles.Please contact me for your custom project requirements.

For Wallpaper & Home Decor

Who doesn't love beautiful wallpaper? It is often that lifts a space beyond the norm and makes one cherish the home one lives in. Aside from beautifying your walls, my patterns also work beautifully printed on dinnerware and other homeware. I am always happy to alter my designs to fit your custom project requirements.

I make magic with images.

Let me help make your project special.

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