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Zodiac Stickers

12 different zodiac stickers to choose from - personalise your items in style!

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Beautiful zodiac stickers - 12 designs to choose from

  • the stickers are printed and cut on high quality vinyl, with a clear backing
  • water resistant but NOT waterproof (i.e not suitable for dishwashers, outdoors etc)
  • you get two stickers in a pack (same zodiac design)
  • size of an individual sticker: about 10cm / 4 inches
  • select the star sign you would like from the menu

These stickers have no white so they won't look good on dark backgrounds. However, if you apply them on light or clear backgrounds, they will work very well (see the second last photo for reference on how it looks on a drink bottle), including bottles, windows, glass items, laptops etc

Please NOTE: the decals purchased are only for personal use for personal items, not for re-selling on any products (which is infringement of copyright).

Zodiac Stickers
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